Pre Flop - Play aggressively but don't over do it, you will get called eventually. Always try to play from position don't get forced into playing catch up.
Be the aggressor. Be prepared to fold. don't over defend your blinds nobody likes to have the blinds stolen but you are out of position so unless you've got a good hand bite the bullet and fold.
Be brave, if half your manhattan is committed you must have felt it was worthwhile if someone calls you go for it.
You're sat at your computer, your cards have been dealt the most important decision is, do I play them or not. OK, So you've decided to play them, if they are good enough to play then they are good enough to raise. If it's not good enough to raise with, then fold don't mess about poker's too important to play about with.
Would you like some idea of the odds on certain hands appearing click here

Advantage of the Raise

You may be wondering what the advantages are to raising your bets, well you know how you feel when someone does it too you.

All of a sudden you are off balance and you are knocked right out of your comfort zone. You also see everyone with a maybe hand folding (this gets rid of opposition.) suddenly you are in command you find yourself stealing the blinds.

They don't know if you have AA, KK or 83, remember if you can steal the blinds you will be heading to the final table, (Warning: Don't over do it, you will get called be prepared.)

Vulnerable hands are KQ if the Ace appears on the flop you could be in trouble, suited cards

You will see lots of players play Q 4 suited or something similiar if the flop doesn't hit your cards how daft does this hand look. finally Moving all in is better than calling all in.


Pre Play advice

Most poker tables are battlefields if you think of them as anything else just commit all your stack and walk away it will save time and effort because you will lose it all anyway. 


Now we're not trying to scare you but like any sport you have to be prepared, Poker requires skill, nerve, and Wit. Before you join the game take the time to watch it for a while pick up some pointers on the other players at the table, the old saying watch and learn comes readily to mind.


Some basics - Are you mad! in a bad mood, everyone been getting at you today, well go and play tiddlywinks tonight because a poker table is the last place you want to be in that kind of mood.


Don't try the old I'll try a massive bluff on the first hand and catch everyone out, it's the quickest way to lose your manhattan we've seen. 


Learn how to fold the greatest players can fold quicker than you can say it, playing every hand will lose you valuable chips that you will need later on.


Would you like some idea of the odds on certain hands appearing click here


Know Your Odds


    Know your odds, if you can understand the maths of poker you'll win it's almost that simple.  Don't be afraid to ask a question, most poker players are friendly and polite, if they can help they will, just don't ask them what cards they have in the middle of an hand, no one is that helpful.


    Feel like your being beat not sure whether to call or fold, go with the gut feeling nine out of ten you'll be right, okay you'll be bluffed once in a while but it's better than losing your manhattan when you knew they had the Royal Flush but thought you'd see it anyway.


    Learn to judge the other players at the table even online you can do this.


    Learn to judge the value of your starting hands, learn to fold bad ones, for instance which starting hand would you prefer, A-A or 9-2.


    Be aware of your position on the table if your out of position don't try and force play, remember the guys in late position have all the advantages.  If your in this position use it.


Mobile/Tablet Friendly

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