Poker is an amazing game and every player deserves respect, okay we know how annoying it is when a player goes all in with 4,9 off suit and your sitting there with pocket aces and the flop is showing A, 3, 8, and by the river he's sitting there with a straight. A, 3, 8, 2, 5.

Been there and cried a tear or two but I wouldn't dream of insulting the player for having the bottle to spend his money that way.

The other side of this coin is I have picked up lots of pots thanks to someone throwing his money away on long shots.


Showing Off

Okay so you're the best poker player ever! Well keep it to yourself nobody in his right mind wants people to tighten up on them, keep them loose, you will take more pots while the other players are trying to impress you with their ability to re-raise against your Royal Flush.


Watching the stars on telly you do feel that sometimes they are being rude but you rarely see the top players insulting other players they usually show each other the respect they deserve.


Just remember if you get lots of insults online you may be doing something really right, because they are trying to upset you and if it does get to you turn chat off.


Most importantly keep your cool people will respect you more for that than having a loose mouth.



  • Respect your opponents
  • Don't show off
  • Never insult others online
  • Keep them loose you'll win more in the end
  • Keep your cool.