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The worst pair you can get as a beginner, you can’t help believing that you have a great hand with two aces, unfortunately in a seven card game like Texas Holdem the value of this pair drops as the game progresses, look at the flop and unless it gives you a further ace or another pair your starting to get into all kinds of trouble. However all is not lost in no limit or pot limit games players tend to edge their bets until after the flop hoping to make a good hand, so pressure them early on playing strong at the beginning deny your opponents the implied odds. Chances are they will fold and you won’t be facing too many hands by the river.


Suited Cards

Suited Cards

    The dealer as just dealt you a nice 7 - 8 of Hearts, nice useful hand if you play it cheap downside they have an habit of locking you in and losing all your chips against higher straights or flushes. Watch out early on in Tournaments the odds are usually in your favour but when they aren’t you will lose it all.

    Remember 7 - 8 looks good with a flop of 9 - T - J but your heart gets broke when someone turns over Q - K





Two Jacks they’re not called the hooks for nothing, they’ve been known to hook more players into losing a fortune and are regarded as the most difficult cards to play at Holdem. If you raise and are called you can bet your shirt that the flop will contain at least one overcard. When it doesn’t you can bet someone is holding Queens, Kings or Aces.