What is Poker?

Poker is a card game played with a standard deck of 52 cards, however there many types of Poker game but we are only going to explain about that king of poker Texas Hold'em.


We are going to assume that you know certain things about cards that is that they are made up of suits, in poker no suit is more valuable than another.

Poker is essentially a game played for money, you can play it for fun but you can't beat taking somebody else's dosh.


Another thing about poker is that it is essentially an individual sport no team play here your aim is to relieve every player of his or her money and to send them home with their tail between their legs. If this concept shocks you walk away now poker isn't the game for you.


The cards you hold in poker are called a hand, in Texas Holdem your hand will be made up of two cards which you hold and any three from the five community cards dealt, the community cards are dealt in stages, these stages have names the first stage is known as the 'flop' and this is made up of three cards dealt face up. The next card is known as the 'turn' and the final card is known as the 'river'. Simple enough isn't it.


The Flop

We mentioned early that poker is a game played for money so how does this work, well each game begins with antes or blind bets before the cards are dealt, in fact in most holdem games you will find that there are two forced bets these are the small blind and the big blind. The amount of these bets will alter as the game progresses, the aim is that you get the betting going and ensure that each game has something to play for.


These forced bets go into the 'pot' along with any other bets made. The blinds advance one place clockwise around the table after each game so ensuring each player gets an opportunity to be the small and big blind.

Once the blinds have been posted the first cards are dealt, that is each player will be dealt two cards, there then follows a round of betting the minimum bet must equal the big blind, each player has a choice here they can either call, raise or fold, the player who post the big blind has the further option of checking if no player has raised.


After this round of betting the flop is dealt these are the three community cards that each player at the table can use, there then follows a further round of betting where once again each player has the option of checking, calling raising, or folding, after this round of betting a further community card is dealt this is called the turn.


Once again this is followed by a round of betting, finally a final community card is dealt this is known as the river and is followed by a final round of betting where the players left in will show their cards, the one with the best hand will win. If only one player is left at this stage they automatically win but they don't have to show their cards.


Management of Resources

If you win then you've won the pot, but remember the aim is not to win the pots but to win the money. Just in case you think they are both the same. Your playing in a tournament you have won ten pots worth $200 total and you go head to head with someone in the next hand and decide to go all in for $1000 you have three of a kind they have a full house, you're out and they've only won one pot but they took a $1000 see what I mean.

Beginners to Poker and for that matter most online games often overlook management of resources. (Looking after your hard earned cash.)


This is no surprise since how many of us actually really manage our household accounts, we tend to stop buying when the credit card runs out. The difference at Poker is your credit card runs out an hell of a lot faster, so be warned.


First things Bankroll - this is an amount of money you've set aside to gamble with. It will need to cover buy - ins, Rake and other Table Charges as well as your stake money.


The aim is to help the Bankroll stretch as far as possible to this end you need to be careful that you choose the right stakes (don't bet over your head.) check out the betting structure.


Choose the right kind of game and even more importantly the right kind of players. The quickest way to go bankrupt is to jump in above your head, at Poker you don't drown you lose your house, car, money, wife and kids. So be careful.


Since your reading this on the internet you will be interested to know that there are over 200 poker sites out there. We have been to them all and we have hand picked the best for your convenience. The internet provides a fast convenient, low expense, way to dip your toes into the poker world take advantage of it.


The problem occurs when you try to decide which kind of game to go with: Multi table tournaments look enticing however seating is random (can't pick who you play with.) Stakes rise and you have to play till you win or bust. Not for the faint hearted and we don't recommend them for the beginner.

Big bet games, We hope you've got deep pockets because you'll need them. again not for the beginner.