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If That's Your Poker Face!

If that's your Poker Face! Then it's lucky you can play on line. Joking apart that's the beauty of online poker. If you needed a great poker face the online poker scene would be dead.

Online Poker

Poker Skool where the world learns to play Texas Holdem, this classic poker games is being played by just about everybody who aspires to becoming a poker pro. Online Poker is growing beyond belief.

Top Sites

We review some of the top poker sites, not just those that entice you with big bucks and then give you crap games but the classy sites that will provide you with a poker playing experience second to none, and you can be sure they will keep your details safe. We don't provide links to the sites you will need to google them although other search engines are also available.

Mobile/Tablet Friendly

Without doubt all the top Poker Sites have been offering the ability to play poker on your computer now they are all offering the same great games on either your Tablet or Mobile Phone.


Playing for Free!

Most poker sites will offer you free chips to enable to get the feel of the games on that site. Take advantage of them, it's far better to play with their money than yours.


Poker has a language all of it's own

Poker like all things has a unique language with words that have a meaning all of their own.

To help you over come this hurdle we have compiled a useful user guide to the commonest phrases in use today. Download our free pdf booklet


Paddy Power

  • UK’s fastest growing poker room (eh that’d be, where you’ll get a sign up bonus and can play for over $6 million in monthly guaranteed tournaments.

    Paddy Poker

    They have setup tutorials and a poker academy the aim of which is to get new players up and running and it can also improve your game.

    Paddy Poker
  • Paddy Power Poker like to reward their players as much as possible, especially if you're newbie to their tables, so introducing a First Depositors Freeroll every second Monday was a no-brainer for Paddy Power!

    Paddy Poker

    It goes without saying that a company with Paddy Power's reputation ensures you get Fast Cash Payouts Want to refer a friend then Paddypower will pay for every head you send their way.

    Paddy Poker
  • Paddy Power is famous for it's Aspirational thinking They will tell you they scare themselves with how big they think. * Every year they double the size of their biggest event the Irish Open

    Paddy Poker

    Stacked Sundays Stacked Sunday offers nine big money tournaments and buy-ins range from as €5 to €150.00!

    Paddy Poker
  • Jackpot Sit 'n'Go Take your shot at the most exciting Sit ‘n’ Go Jackpot on the net!

    Paddy Poker

    Steps Sit 'N' Go's Step your way to victory! The Steps SNG structure allows you to move your way through the steps to win big cash prizes!

    Paddy Poker

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